Zest-It® Artists COLD WAX PAINT oil colour

Zest-It® Artists COLD WAX PAINT oil colour

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    Zest-it Cold Wax Paints are archival, have excellent lightfastness, and retain the inherent character of the wax.

    All the paint colours are intermixable, and, like the rest of our Zest-it products, they are also non-toxic and non- flammable.

    Available colours:

    • Brick Red 50g - A dense red in wax and semi-opaque PR102.
    • Burnt Umber 50g - A warm earth colour used in many mixtures PBr7.
    • Burnt Sienna 50g - PBr7 a rich reddish brown.
    • Cadmium Green 50g - A mixture of two pigments PY35 and PB29.
    • Cadmium Yellow Deep 50g - PY35 the Cadmiums are safe when treated with respect.
    • Cadmium Yellow 50g - PY35 is Cadmium Yellow which works beautifully with wax.
    • Dark Red 50g - Another semi-opaque Red almost a brown PR102.
    • Graphite Black 50g - Made with Graphite powder PBk10 very interesting.
    • Indigo Blue 50g - A mixture of two pigments PB29 and PBk11.
    • Iron Black 50g - The fairly neutral black of PBk11.
    • Lemon Yellow 50g - This yellow has a leaning towards green and is PY3.
    • Natural Umber 50g - A natural earth pigment PBr7.
    • Paynes Grey 50g - Two pigments PBk6 and PB29 a good mixing colour.
    • Peacock Blue 50g - PB15 for this clean blue.
    • Pillarbox Red 50g - PR170 is a lovely bright red and semi-opaque.
    • Primrose Yellow 50g - A soft warm yellow and one of the few two pigment colours of PW5 and PY35 Cadmium Yellow.  
    • Racing Green 50g - Almost the British Racing Green colour PG7.
    • Rose Red 50g - A brightish red with a leaning towards blue pigment PR102.
    • Ruby Orange 50g - PO5 is a strong orange, single pigment and a good mixer.
    • Saffron Yellow 50g - So reminiscent of Crocus stamens is PY83 again beautiful in wax.
    • Soot Black 50g - PBk7 a back with a slight lean toward brown.
    • Stone White 50g or 100g - An historical white called Lithopone PW5 very well suited to Cold Wax Paint.
    • Titanium White 50g or 100g - A common white in most paint media PW6. 
    • Ultramarine Blue 50g - PB29 for this very popular blue.
    • Ultramarine Violet 50g - Beautiful deep violet of PV15. 
    • Yellow Ochre 50g - PY43 a natural Iron oxide and semi-opaque in Cold Wax Paint.


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Zest-It® Artists COLD WAX PAINT oil colour