Pro Arte Artists PROLENE FAN Watercolour Paint Brushes - Series F

Pro Arte Artists PROLENE FAN Watercolour Paint Brushes - Series F


After years of painstaking research, Pro Arte developed a superb synthetic watercolour brush and named it Prolene. This was the result of combining a subtle mixture of polyester fibres and removing their inhibiting static electricity in order to make them behave like sable. When introduced to the marketplace it received amazed acclaim with many artists reporting that Prolene was outperforming sable and, of course,lasting longer. Even better, it was sold at a much lower price! This innovation represented a major breakthrough in brush making, not least because it met the concerns of those who were troubled by the use of animal hair. Launched primarily for amateurs, Prolene brushes quickly became a first choice amongst discerning professional artists and today continues to remain so. Sales suggest that Prolene is probably the leading watercolour synthetic brush in the world. It has also provided a useful springboard for Pro Arte to develop both the Prolene Plus and the Connoisseur ranges.

Series F Prolene Fan
Similar in shape and design to our other fan brushes but especially useful where a softer and more responsive fan is required. Seamless nickelled ferules. Long black polished handles with gold tips.
Sizes: Small (2), Medium (4), Large (6)

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