Billy Showell Botanical Artist Watercolour Paint Brush Collection

Billy Showell Botanical Artist Watercolour Paint Brush Collection

The NEW Devine Wash Brush
This brush is so soft and holds loads of water for those large flowers or fruit and veg paintings you have been planning. It's fun to use and holds it shape, it will take the stress out of laying on large water glazes. Its fabulous for large wash backgrounds too.

The NEW Fine Liner Brush
This iddy biddy (very tiny) brush has proved a huge hit in Billys' live classes, the new style of synthetic hair holds a decent amount of paint to deliver many fine lines, for those that like a tiny brush for those tiny details, you will love this little helper.

Eradicator Brush
This is a small precise synthetic brush that helps perfect edges and remove mistakes, essential kit!

The NEW Mixer Brush
Billy has been asked for years to recommend a brush for mixing colours and here it is, no need to stress your best brushes, this is a hard working tool that does the job of mixing and delivers a nice amount of colour to the palette.

Billy Showell Fine Tipped Kolinsky Sable Brushes
If you are fed up of buying brushes that split and lose their point then these brushes are the answer, they twist to a beautiful fine point and are so versatile for all the different techniques she uses. 
Choose the size suitable for the subject.
Size 6 for does everything
Size 4 is suitable for small to medium flowers
Size 2 for those who paint very small projects
Buy all 3 for the complete kit, remember only use old brushes for mixing the paint and keep your beautiful brushes just for painting.

Billy Showell Brush Set
Billy Showell has selected three of her must have tools for painting her botanical pieces.
Set contains 2 x kolinsky sable brushes in sizes 2 & 6 and a synthetic eradicator, ideal for finer details.
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